Unrealized Revolution: Artificial Intelligence in the Chemical Industry

Due to the Covid–19 epidemic, which dominates today and has not yet gained complete immunity, many sectors have suffered from different aspects. Each industry, which suffered from this situation for various reasons, changed and transformed itself. The most affected sector in this area was the chemical industry. However, this effect was more favorable compared to other industries. The start of vaccine studies to gain community immunity due to the Covid–19 epidemic opened the door to a different orientation in the chemistry industry. As a result, many vaccine studies developed against the epidemic began to be on the agenda. With the introduction of mask and distance rules into our lives, it has become mandatory to make vaccinations for immunity.

From this point of view, many vaccines produced have saved many lives and have become a saving method in providing community immunity. In this case, it led to a high acceleration in the chemistry industry. In today’s world, where digital transformation is experienced, how this field can be used in the chemistry industry has been discussed.

For this reason, an integrated chemical research system, introduced by IBM (the world’s largest information technology company in the USA), offers an idea of ​​​​how technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud, etc., will affect drug discovery.

This new system they offer aims to use artificial intelligence and cloud computing together with deep learning paths to automate the whole process and provide convenience to chemists without requiring physical effort in a research laboratory. This approach will pave the way for future drug and chemical research tools and enable us to be more cautious about such problems to be encountered in the future.

From this point of view, if we need to look at the opportunities that artificial intelligence can provide to this sector;

Artificial intelligence has now become an integral part of our lives in today’s world. It has had the opportunity to take part in our lives with countless applications in fields such as foreign language translations, medical diagnosis opportunities, electronic patient registration opportunities, etc. At this point, significant efforts have been made to effectively apply artificial intelligence, also known as machine learning, in chemical research. It is already being used to predict the properties of individual molecules, allowing researchers to choose the compound to manufacture.

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aNumak & Company is a Global Business and Management Consulting firm with expertise in building scalable business models for diverse industry verticals.

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aNumak & Company

aNumak & Company

aNumak & Company is a Global Business and Management Consulting firm with expertise in building scalable business models for diverse industry verticals.

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