Cybersecurity Now Plays a Leading Role in the Healthcare Industry

The principle of cyber security, which has an important position in every sector, takes its place as a pioneering phenomenon in the health sector. In this respect, it is shaped differently in this sector to benefit from the blessings of technology.

Technology has provided convenience to the health sector in many areas, such as electronic patient information, remote monitoring of patients, medical devices reshaped by automation, and most importantly, remote surgery opportunities. This convenience brought by the Internet has integrated business and information sharing between institutions in the health sector. However, in parallel with all these developments, this sector has also become open to cyberattacks at the same rate.

Cyber ​​security includes a set of technological structures to control all data in the digital environment and protect all data accordingly. In this way, it tries to pave the way for the health sector to continuously benefit from technology without being affected by the disruptions caused by security vulnerabilities.

What are the dangers of cyber security breaches in the health sector?

1. Access to private information of employees in the health sector,

2. Unauthorized access to the system for the follow–up of patients,

3. The possibility of remote access and control of devices working with the Internet,

4. Access to pre–archived medical records, insurance, identity, and billing information of patients, etc.

From this point of view, in the face of violations that may occur in the health sector due to cyber security, in addition to the irreparable results in human life, negative consequences such as the closure of companies and the unemployment of health workers may emerge. For example, in the case of technological vulnerabilities that may threaten human life, the attackers accessing the digital devices to which patients have connected in a life-threatening manner or changing patient data transmitted to doctors with patient tracking devices used for remote monitoring can be given as examples of the risks that such attacks may pose. In addition, hackers who infiltrate computers in many areas of the health sector, which are among the computer crimes, can shut down the system or change it according to their wishes and give direction. In return, it may drag the other party into financial difficulties.

At this point, to ensure cyber security, some gaps must be completed most appropriately, and a solid foundation must be laid. Otherwise, you may be faced with enormous problems that are irreversible. So what exactly are these vulnerabilities?

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aNumak & Company is a Global Business and Management Consulting firm with expertise in building scalable business models for diverse industry verticals.

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aNumak & Company

aNumak & Company

aNumak & Company is a Global Business and Management Consulting firm with expertise in building scalable business models for diverse industry verticals.

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