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  • Barr Moses

    Barr Moses

    Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo ( @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

  • David Chong

    David Chong

    Machine Learning Engineer @ Gojek; Closet n3rd; Avid investor; On a FIRE mission; LinkedIn →; Support me —

  • Nataly Silva

    Nataly Silva

    Tech & Minimal Lifestyle, Swiss Content Creator

  • Cody Johnson

    Cody Johnson

    Princeton ‘26. Senior in high school in middle Tennessee. My passions are writing, learning languages, and breeding snails.

  • Xavier Bellekens, PhD

    Xavier Bellekens, PhD

    CEO of and Non-resident Sr Fellow at the Atlantic Council

  • Shekhar


    Team Incubator, Pragmatic Data Scientist, Software Architect , Amateur Product Manager, Geek, Hacker, Father, Hardware Tinkerer

  • Öykü Simay Şağban

    Öykü Simay Şağban

    I usually like to write about history, sociology, media, linguistics and current issues. I started this job because I wanted to be an academician in the future.

  • Swadeep Singh

    Swadeep Singh

    Data Science Leader in Fortune-5 Company; Modernizing Healthcare

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