Industry Cloud Solutions

A cloud platform refers to a server’s operating system and hardware in an Internet-based data center. It is a part of the Internet of Things(IoT)

A key feature of cloud data is synchronization. By synchronizing this data, cloud platforms can enable planning and collaboration. In addition, they have a massive storage capacity to accommodate the large amounts of data generated in today’s business economy.

Cloud providers can focus on the following business areas:

● Application Management: This helps developers make and make applications related to the Internet of things. E.g., Digital twins

● Device Management: this includes device monitoring, updates, or deployment configuration

● Data Management/Enablement: Services that provide the capability to store and analyze IoT-related data. An example is Google cloud services.

Notable names in this sector include Amazon Web service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud data services. There are several types of cloud platforms and no one-size-fits-all option.

When considering industrial cloud platforms, find the one that best fits the brand’s needs. At aNumak and company, our consulting experts will prefer cloud options that would suit your company’s size and industry. Contact us today for more details.



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