The future of bioengineering

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2 min readOct 4, 2022

The introduction of AI in healthcare through bioengineering has unearthed a new wave of possibilities in medicine.

Experts say that from diagnostic precision to surgical accuracy, patient care stands to benefit.

Here are a few way bioengineering will revolutionize healthcare in the future

1. Robotic Surgeries:

AI-powered bots for surgical procedures will lead to more minimally invasive surgeries, precise incisions, lower rates of infection, better tissue healing, and fewer hospital stay.

2. Tissue engineering:

Bioengineers are working to develop tissues and organ grafts that`ll be successfully transplanted into a human host. Using bio-ink technology, scientists will create active cellular tissue that can be printed in thin layers, adding up to complete body parts.

3. Medical virtual reality

Doctors in virtual medical reality will be able to visualize the entire anatomy of a patient and simulate surgeries before real-life surgeries.

4. Nanorobots

These nano-sized bots containing anti-cancer agents will enter the bloodstream and target and mortalize cancer cells.

5. Wearable medical devices

With the help of in-built biosensors, these devices measure multiple body vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. But, it does not just stop there. More sophisticated devices can predict life-threatening events such as heart attacks.



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