he Future of Psychology: Artificial Intelligence Applications

Every day, scientists continue to illuminate human psychology and find in-depth information. Human psychology is like an endless sea. As you dig deeper, you can find different and exciting details. No matter how much research is done, human psychology, an exciting research area full of unknowns waiting to be discovered, continues to inspire many fields with the details it contains. One of the fields it serves is artificial intelligence. The human mind, which is a guide for artificial intelligence, allows various studies in this field.

From this point of view, if we need to define psychology and artificial intelligence, Psychology is a science that examines the behavior, emotion, and thought structure of a living thing. On the other hand, Artificial intelligence is a system that tries to imitate human behavior, reasoning ability, and problem–solving skills.

In this respect, there is an adaptation from the natural to the artificial in artificial intelligence technologies. At this point, the better we analyze the natural, the better we can develop in the adaptation phase to the artificial. Understanding the structure and functioning of the human mind and observing their emotions and behaviors will be critical in transferring these outputs to the imitations of artificial intelligence.

The relationship between the mind and the brain is evident in all mind discussions, particularly in recent psychiatric and neuroscientific discourse. Cognitive science, and now brain processes, is busy understanding how behavior and cognition are interrelated. Cognitive neuroscience actively studies how humans, as active, thinking organisms, use their brains to achieve their goals and meet their needs in complex and variable environments.

The data they obtain provides an infrastructure for artificial intelligence technology. In this way, the level of ability to imitate with correct data begins to increase. In this case, what kind of contributions artificial intelligence systems can make in the diagnosis, prediction, and treatment stages of a psychological disorder will be at a detectable point.

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