The Influence of Personalization on Digital Marketing

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Most of us who lived in the analog era may recall when the video shop clerk knew our name and perhaps even our preferred snack when we rented Ghostbusters for the fourth time. Before everything turned digital, this was the term for personalization. It is the same reason brands today address promotional emails to recipients by their first name.

Personalization is still effective, perhaps more so in hypercompetitive digital marketing.

Several of the reasons why modern marketers are personalizing their marketing to forge closer ties with their target audience are discussed below.

People Seek Customization:

Personalization is not only the newest marketing term. It is what consumers anticipate from their preferred brands. They desire to feel heard, and there is no better way to accomplish this than personalizing the campaigns.

Unfortunately, not all firms recognize its significance. According to a 2017 survey by Accenture, roughly 41% of customers transferred to competitors owing to a lack of trust and inadequate personalization. It cost American businesses a whopping $756 billion!

Brands Can Develop Superior Content:

Suppose businesses can communicate the right message to the right person at the right time. In that case, they may go a long way toward keeping customers and attracting the interest of prospective users or buyers. In truth, most buyers are willing to pay for customized goods and services.

Personalization allows for the production of specific content that distinguishes brands. Such material can etch itself into people’s memories. Coca-Cola is a superb example of personalization done correctly.

Remember the Share A Coke campaign from 2011? The soft drink company increased sales for the first time in a decade due to its personalized marketing effort! Customers could have their names printed on traditional Coke bottles, and millennials responded enthusiastically to the marketing.

Such basic yet effective marketing methods could have a long-lasting effect on clients, especially if social media marketing is included in these campaigns.

Personalization lends humanity to a brand:

Most individuals believe that automation removes the “human aspect” from their marketing campaigns. While this is partially accurate, it does not have to be this way. Marketers can integrate a reply-to-address option in their automated emails, for instance.

This allows customers to provide feedback and ask any questions they may have. Furthermore, it would significantly improve the likelihood of conversion. Customers may engage with a brand on a human level when they know the people and faces behind the company’s emails.

There is no more effective method to demonstrate that humans, not robots, are the heart and soul of a firm.

Data is the bedrock:

Personalizing marketing is only possible by collecting customer information. However, the campaign’s effectiveness hinges on how efficiently businesses manage and measure data. Methods of ethical data collecting, such as surveys and emails, can help marketers learn more about their target customers, ensuring that efforts to personalize experiences and products are successful.

They may target the appropriate individuals by continuously updating the customer profile and customizing the marketing campaigns’ messages. Not to mention that the information can be used to update the blog, emails, advertisements, and other content types.


Businesses benefit much from demonstrating sensitivity to their customers’ wants and demands. Thus, many organizations are using the power of personalization to elevate their digital marketing strategies.

Customers value this personalized marketing approach, which is why they engage with the content and project. Personalization will continue to play an increasingly important role in catching customers’ attention and maintaining and engaging them as they are increasingly bombarded with digital marketing communications across nearly every channel.

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