We Are In The Year 2022! So How Can You Start A Business In Peru ? Well, Here Are Few Pointers & Insights That Might Help You.

Nestled in the western region of South America, Peru is one of the most diverse countries globally. This country is a delight for its diverse cuisines, 5000-year-old ancient heritage, vibrant textiles, ancient ruins, and incredible cultures and traditions. The country has established its potential to develop, evolve, thrive, and achieve higher levels of economic development in recent decades, offering progressively better chances to start ones’ own business.

For all of us, 2020–2021 were and continue to be a roller coaster ride. The everyday life activities of children and adults, including every other facet of life such as education, financial sector, or business, are all impacted. However, to acknowledge the facts and deal with them, we need to approach advanced ideas and start afresh. So, without further ado, let’s go to work on identifying new business prospects and be prepared for the year 2022.

The energy, agriculture, and tourism sectors are the key factors of Peru’s financial activities, according to the findings published in the Inderscience online journal. A dynamic economic sector with a suitable business atmosphere provides diverse options for entrepreneurship. Even though existing entrepreneurial activity is primarily centered in the retailing, hotels, and restaurants sectors, there is potential for increased entrepreneurial activity across the board as foreign funding is expected to boost Peru’s export-driven enterprises.

Following are a few business ideas that can be tried and explored in the upcoming year 2022, even if the pandemic situation persists.

Business of digital marketing: The advertising and marketing in the current era have turned to be mostly virtual. Every company or business aims to enhance its online presence and rank at the top of search engines so that customers can conveniently contact them.

Launching an event management firm: It is also a notable business opportunity that may pay off generously, either physical or virtual or both.

Ecommerce: Opening an eCommerce store is a prominent business opportunity. However, since currently, everyone wants to buy products online rather than going to the market especially considering the pandemic situation, it is crucial to identify client demands and then create a new eCommerce business based on their requirements.

Market segmentation (targeting a particular customer): It is as simple as writing blogs on subjects or issues such as e-sports or urban agriculture, purchasing a domain, monetizing it, and creating engaging content within it while generating revenue through advertising and other sources.

In Peru, there are a variety of additional choices for good start-up business ideas well.

It is a country with a plethora of natural resources, which naturally opens up opportunities for national and international trade.

While Peru is rich in natural resources, it is noteworthy to understand that it is still a developing nation needing significant improvements in communication and technological aspects. As a result, there are several potentials for new start-up enterprises to provide better services and a broader choice of items that are presently harder to acquire by or even inaccessible in the country.

Hospitality and tourism: Peru is famed worldwide for its tourism spots, including Lima, Machu Pichu, and Vinicunca, to mention a few. Tourism is a rapidly growing industry with a worldwide shift and being heavily supported and endorsed by the country’s government.

Proceeding, the processes to starting a business in Peru are outlined below.

1. Select a name for your business:

The first step is to search the Registry of Legal Entities (SUNARP) for an eligible business name and reserve it. All you need is a valid ID or passport for doing so.

2. Draft the Act of Incorporation:

This paper conveys the will of a group of people to form a business. You can get assistance from a professional or a public notary.


The legal representatives must have a valid ID or passport. (original and copy)

A copy of the reservation for the business name.

A digital file including a proposal of the bylaws and a list of the company’s assets is needed.

3. Register your business

The business owner, associates, and partners must sign the incorporation certificate in a notary’s presence.Requisites:

Act of Incorporation

Legal representatives Valid ID or Passport.

4. Obtain a tax identification number (ITIN):

The national customs and tax administration agency will issue you a tax ID (SUNAT).

5. Open a bank account for your business.

After your incorporation is complete, one must create a bank account and cash the capital into it. All of these procedures necessitate a certain amount of time, effort, and money. However, these are also the most important legal procedures to follow while establishing a company in Peru. For people outside Peru, while individuals have a business visa, foreigners with a tourist visa must seek specific approval to sign contracts prior to finalizing and signing any document. To initiate the procedure of establishing a business in Peru, it is also required to hiring a legal professional who is familiar with the requirements. For many foreigners who are unsure of their ability to communicate in Spanish, hiring an English-speaking (or other suitable languages) service provider is crucial to their acknowledgment.

After a foreign individual establishes a Peruvian registered business, numerous possibilities emerge in acquiring a longer residency in the nation and, eventually, permanent citizenship.

The Peruvian Association of Entrepreneurs is also a big supporter of entrepreneurs (ASEP). This helps people in making their dreams of starting a business come to fruition. And it’s precisely these features that make it distinguish from different markets.

Once learned about the legal criteria for starting a business and the fastest-growing professions in the nation, the individual is prepared to begin exploring their own business in 2022.

Remember that identifying market trends and studying the competitors is fundamental before establishing any business. Therefore, one must plan thoroughly for the financial, human, and technical resources needed to handle it and examine the country’s circumstances and seek areas where entrepreneurial opportunities potentially are present.

Concluding with the hope that the information shared will be useful, best wishes for your business or as they say it in Spanish, “La mejor de las suertes”

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aNumak & Company is a Global Business and Management Consulting firm with expertise in building scalable business models for diverse industry verticals.

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aNumak & Company

aNumak & Company is a Global Business and Management Consulting firm with expertise in building scalable business models for diverse industry verticals.