Why is connected technology key for sustainability for businesses?

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2 min readMar 20


As businesses look to become more sustainable, connected technology is emerging as a critical solution to achieve this goal. Connected technology refers to the interconnectedness of various devices and systems, allowing for seamless communication and data exchange. This technology can help businesses optimize their operations, reduce waste, and improve efficiency, all while reducing their environmental impact.

Here’s why connected technology is the key to sustainability for businesses:

1)Real-time data monitoring: Connected technology enables businesses to monitor their operations in real-time, providing valuable data insights that can help optimize processes and reduce waste. For example, sensors can monitor energy consumption, water usage, and waste production, allowing businesses to identify inefficiencies and make data-driven decisions.

2)Remote monitoring and control: Connected technology also enables remote monitoring and control of various systems, reducing the need for physical checks and maintenance. This can reduce travel and transportation emissions and minimize energy consumption through remote management of heating and cooling systems.

3)Resource optimization: Connected technology can also help businesses optimize resource usage, such as water and energy. For example, connected irrigation systems can optimize water usage in agriculture, reducing water waste and improving crop yields. Similarly, connected energy management systems can help businesses optimize their energy usage, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

4)Supply chain transparency: Connected technology can also help businesses achieve supply chain transparency, allowing for better management and reduction of environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain. This can include tracking and monitoring transportation emissions and identifying suppliers with sustainable practices.

5)Improved customer experience: Finally, connected technology can help businesses improve the customer experience through sustainable practices. For example, companies can use connected technology to enable remote diagnostics and repairs, reducing the need for physical visits and transportation emissions.


In conclusion, connected technology is emerging as a critical solution for businesses looking to become more sustainable. Real-time data monitoring, remote monitoring and control, resource optimization, supply chain transparency, and improved customer experience are ways connected technology can help businesses reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability practices. As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, companies embracing connected technology will have a competitive advantage in achieving their sustainability goals.



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