Why Voice-enabled Chatbox Is The Future of The Internet?

What is a Voice-enabled Chatbot?

Voice-enabled chatbots are those that interact or communicate using voices. They accept commands in both oral and written forms and reply through text or voice. The category of chatbot that responds primarily in the form of voice is called a voice-enabled chatbot. It uses either a pre-recorded voice or a text-to-speech method to reply to or address the questions and queries of the users. Some popular voice-based chatbots are Amazon Echo, AI Timey, Google Home, and many more.

Voice-enabled chatbots are of two types:

• Voice-only Bots: They are voice-controlled devices capable of handling simple and complex tasks that can turn your house into a smart house.

  • Voice + Text Bots: They are text-based bots with voice added and working together. The input is both in the form of speech as well as text.

Demand and usage of voice-enabled chatbot devices:

In a survey in the year 2018, a representative sample of 1000 Americans of the age range 18–64, who have access to the internet, were considered for an online survey. Out of this total surveyed respondents, 10% were unfamiliar with voice-enabled products and devices. And out of the majority who are familiar with the products and appliances, 72% use them daily. anumak.ai The younger generation, 18–24-year-olds, are adapting to the technology at a faster rate than all their older counterparts, but they often end up using them less. The 25–49-year-olds are the ones who optimally use the technology. However, the use of technology gives a sense of weirdness in public areas. 74% of people claim to use such services with privacy. However, smarter, faster, and easier technology is gaining popularity, and people who already possess the devices have used them to avail its different benefits. And people who haven’t yet bought such devices are willing to buy them soon, seeing such a huge range of benefits.

Why is Voice-Enabled Chatbot gaining popularity?

Humans like to interact with companies before buying a product, be they entirely physical or digital, or phygital platforms. Text chatbots came to the rescue long back, but why was this voice-enabled chatbot required? Well, it is hard for people to find time and text out their queries in this fast-paced world. We find it much easier to use our voice and are genuinely happy when the reply is in the form of a voice. The voice reply from the other end makes it a more informal, immediate, and intuitive process introduced with a natural and seamless flow. Thus this turns out to be great for customer service departments in the long run, and its efficiency will help if cost-cutting. Voice-enabled chatbot helps in providing real-time data and information to the customer and establishes a seamless service capability. While the simple text might lack transparency, context, or even human sentiments, a voice will make it more of an organic interaction that helps the business grow.

While previously human interference was required to give that organic feeling in customer services, it is done through this voice-enabled chatbot that responds quickly and requires no waits to solve minor issues and clarify queries, leading to fewer chances of call disconnection by the customers or even dissatisfied customers. It is available 24*7 and helps in business expansion and sustainability as well. Other than that, as a personal assistant, it allows humans to multitask while simultaneously adding value and quality to the monotonous daily tasks. It has an amazing capability of data mining and quantitative data analysis, voice-enabled bots reduce the cost, and data analytics detects the fraud.


The business competition today is huge, and the availability of such a great technology is like a great blessing. Somewhere the humanness, previously not found in the tech jungle, came in the form of voice chatbots, becoming more robust, flexible, and secure in their services. Companies must use such automation opportunities to create a further personalized customer service experience, besides other accompanying facilities like language specialization, data security, understanding the emotions, and much more.

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