Worker Burnout

Stress is the garbage that modern life creates. We all must dispose of it at the right time to lead a beautiful life.

Are you feeling burned out at work? It’s essential to know how your job affects your health.

What is Worker Burnout?

Worker burnout is a type of stress due to work, causing one’s physical or emotional exhaustion, and involves a sense of reduced achievement and loss of one’s identity, often occurring due to varied individualistic factors like personality traits and family life. Worker burnout can affect one’s physical and mental health to the extent that it affects daily life functions.


  • Unexplainable headaches, stomach aches, intestinal problems, and even a significant change in sleep habits. The worst of them may be diabetes, high BP, heart diseases, or
  • Sense of feeling drained and tired and losing hope to cope with them
  • Becoming cynical or even critical at work, eventually emotionally distancing themselves from the work scenario
  • Reduced performance level, with the trouble of getting started, being constantly productive, concentrating, or even being patient with the co-workers, customers, or clients
  • Using food, drugs, or alcohol as an attempt to drag oneself away from reality

Risk Factors:

  • A sense of being entrapped in unreasonable time pressure and workspace expectations, dragging away and not clarifying the degree of authority one has towards their work.
  • Lack of control and clarity over decisions that affect your job
  • Lack of proper communication and support in a dysfunctional workplace.
  • Extreme and unmanageable workload, especially when the work is monotonous and chaotic
  • Unfair treatment of workers
  • Works of helping professionals, like healthcare workers, fire workers, and so on.

Handling the catastrophe

  • Weighing one’s available options and coming up with slight changes concerning workplace expectations, compromising a bit on both sides, and eventually finding a better solution.
  • Setting achievable goals and taking baby steps towards them.
  • Exercising or yoga are great stress busters.
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Seeking aid from friends and family, or even medical or professional help.
  • And last but not least, get some sleep.


Burnout is a significant concern today. Even after knowing the possible risk factors, the workplaces ignore them. Their main concern is profit, but we may lose a lot of great brains in this process. When we use a laptop, we are often given guidelines to protect it. We abide by them. We never let the laptop in an adverse situation due to which it may stop functioning. Well, then how are humans expected to work without complaints? Let’s not just think, but take actions to improve situations for workers and not significantly compromise on the profits.

If you face suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 9152987821 for support and assistance from trained counselors.

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